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Bridal voyage dresses

  • Item Code: BWV-007
  • Materials: satin
  • Retail Price: $ 199.00
  • Wholesale Price: $ 199.00 Wholesale Price - Choose any type of 30 items will qualify this wholesale price.
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Bridal voyage dresses Bridal voyage dresses

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Please Note:

Style: the same as the picture.

Wholesale price: The wholesale price is same with retail price for wedding dress now! 

    * The weight is according to factual wedding dress.

    * The custom-made process will take 15-20 days when we received  your payment in full and measurements.
   * Our wedding dresses are brand new direct to you from our seamstresses. 
   * Due to the cost of returns, we strongly encourage you to be certain you are customizing the correct item, size and/or color when placing an order. We are happy to process returns when necessary.
   Important: Please purchase the wedding dress at least 2 months ahead of the wedding date to make sure the dress arrives in time!
The wedding dress does not include accessories such as gloves, wedding veil and the crinoline petticoat .

Please read the size charts below,then please email us your confirmed measurements and requirement to after your order ASAP!

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Full Bust



Upper bust





Length of Shoulder to bust

Front Length Shoulder to Waist

Outer Leg

Arms eye

Udder bust Nipple to nipple Shoulder to Shoulder Neck





Arm Length


Upper arm length

Length of armpit to elbow

Wedding apparel measurements:

Full Bust waist Hips Upper bust
Udder bust Nipple to nipple Length of Shoulder to bust Front Length Shoulder to Waist
Outer Leg Arms eye Shoulder to Shoulder Neck
Arm Length Bicep Upper arm length Length of armpit to elbow

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